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Multiple Perspectives in Photographs: Ireland Edition

Posted on
Feb 25, 2016
Posted in: Photos

My endless fascination with two people taking photos at the same time continues. In Ireland, as I was snapping photos, Wil was doing the same (albeit more competently, with an eye for composition and light and all those other things that photographers understand and I do not). Here’s my photo, taken on the side of…

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Multiple Perspectives in Photos: Barcelona Edition

Posted on
Jan 9, 2012

I can, at times, be a little opinionated (I know, I know. Shocking, right?). I’ve found myself at odds with all sorts of people – local politicians, NFL referees, the judges of American Idol – due to our differing viewpoints. I can’t help it. I’m Italian. We’re a passionate bunch. Recently, a disagreement with someone had…

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