The Week: February 21, 2014

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Feb 21, 2014

You know that feeling, when you have so much work to do that your brain can actually process it so you just sit, slack-jawed, staring into the space or (as is my situation) your computer screen?

That. I have that. A looming deadline, a pile of dirty laundry, an insurmountable number of papers to make sense of so I can start my taxes. And rather than work on all that, I’m perusing snapshots of an old blog I maintained in the mid-00s (my friend Courtney is to blame for this unexpected detour down Memory Lane).

Here is a portion of a blog post from 2004, on my and Rand’s third anniversary.

In the end, if someone asked me about the impact Rand’s had on me, the answer is really quite simple. When I met Rand, I thought that life dragged on. Every day lasted for an eternity, and I couldn’t wait to get it over with. Now, time seems way too short, and I realize it’s because I’m actually enjoying it. So without any Hallmark sappiness, without any sticky sentimentality, my feelings for Rand are as such: he makes me happy.

And, yes, he’s one of the best people I’ve ever met.

Even then, I was crazy about him. And even then, I thought there was never enough time.

I’m off to get things done. You enjoy these links.


Pixar artist Josh Cooley has created some awesome, quasi-kid-friendly illustrations of scenes from some awesome, not-quite-kid-friendly films. Prints available here.


My dear friend Laura Moth describes the 28 hours she spent in a Saudi detention center before being deported. Her writing is brilliant and intense. Which, if you know Laura, isn’t surprising in the least.


DHL’s clever new ad campaign tricks UPS drivers into tacitly endorsing them. Ouch.


A Norweigan children’s charity performed an experiment. Put a boy on a bench without a coat on a cold day, and film the reactions of bystanders. (Fear not: the kid was in on it, and was never in danger.) The responses are heart-warming, in every sense.


Whoo-hoo! Forbes writes about the top employee perks in 2014, and Moz (Rand’s company) is mentioned twice. Congrats, sweetie!


An interesting argument for why time-travelers shouldn’t kill Hitler, even if they really, really want to.


Girl Scout sells cookies right outside an SF pot dispensary. There’s a “smart cookie” joke in there somewhere.


A young Bulgarian writes to a young Ukrainian about the protests in Kiev.


Hee. An Open Letter to Men on The Subway.


Designer Michael Allen shaved a font into his beard – creating (wait for it) … ALPHABEARD! Awesome? Yes. Practical? Not exactly.


Have a great weekend, everyone!




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