The Week: November 22, 2013

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Nov 22, 2013

Today is the fiftieth anniversary of JFK’s assassination. Half a century later, it seems that the event still horrifies and captivates us. No aspect of it has gone unscrutinized. I’ve been devouring the Kennedy coverage – on everything from the suit Jackie wore on that day to the story of the AP writer who served as a pallbearer for Lee Harvey Oswald.

I’m not entirely sure reading all of this is good for my psyche. If you find you are in the same boat, and need a reprieve, check out the links below. They are not very educational. They are not terribly insightful. But they are fun to read.

And on a day as somber as today, that might be a good thing.


Beautiful, close-up portraits of fish.


A comedian live tweets a couple breaking up on the roof of his apartment. It’s cringe-worthy and painful, but totally engrossing. Kind of like


This story of two people connecting on a snowy New York night will move you to tears (note: the original has been removed from Craigslist. It lives only on reddit now).


Here in the U.S., we refrigerate our eggs. Is that weird?


Apparently the apple core is a myth. You can eat the whole thing. (via @TravelingAnna)


Someone mashed up the Texts From Last Night Tumblr with stills from Star Trek: The Next Generation. The result is pure, geeky magic. Check out Texts from TNG.


This empowering, fun, and clever video from GoldieBlox is so awesome – and a good reminder that toys for girls don’t always have to be pink.


A textual analysis of The Hunger Games – and how it pairs up against the Twilight and Harry Potter series.


I didn’t even know this was possible, but here they are: 41 uncensored Instagram photos from North Korea.


Ready for some waterworks (of a good kind)? A father shot a snippet of video from every day of his son’s first year of life. It’s absolutely incredible. (And the DeVotchKa soundtrack works pretty damn perfectly.)


That’s it for me this week – I’ll be blogging next Monday to Wednesday, after which I will be in a turkey-induced food coma.



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