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I wrote a book about getting lost and finding yourself and also peeing on things when you are angry. If you liked Twilight, you will probably hate my book.

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“Geraldine DeRuiter’s All Over the Place is a travel memoir of sorts, but I’d enjoy reading pretty much any topic she wanted to cover. Her voice is funny, witty and warm, and her stories sparkle.  This book is a travel companion you’ll be happy you brought along.”

~ Lauren Graham, star of GILMORE GIRLS and New York Times bestselling author of TALKING AS FAST AS I CAN

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We Leave the Country For the First Time in Two Years.

Posted on
Sep 24, 2021
Posted in: Random Musings

It’s weird to be a travel blogger who doesn’t travel. Actually, I don’t actually know if I can call myself a travel blogger anymore, but what’s the alternative? If I just say “blogger” without that key little word prefacing it all, it feels like I might unravel like a sweater. A blogger? No. That’s not…

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Welcome to the Summer of Awkward!

Posted on
Jun 12, 2021
Posted in: Random Musings

Not gonna lie: when you said you were having a casual “we’re all vaccinated” shindig at your place, I wasn’t sure what you meant? Ha, not like casual sex, right? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. I mean, does casual refer to the attire? What does casual attired mean to me, someone who has…

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