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Bad News is Best Heard at Home.

Posted on
Apr 8, 2013

Some things, particularly those that are sad or difficult or heartbreaking, are best heard when you’re at home. Rand and I got back into town yesterday afternoon, and felt that peculiar brand of jetlag that so rarely afflicts those who live on the west coast of the U.S.; after nearly two weeks in Australia, our…

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6 Weeks.

Posted on
Aug 9, 2012

It’s been six weeks since my surgery. My surgeon said that it would take about six weeks until I felt completely like myself again. Six weeks until I was more or less recovered. And he was right. I feel like myself. More or less. I feel more tired. And more sensitive. Literally. I have a…

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The Seattle Freeze: Making Friendships Better

Posted on
Mar 6, 2012

– I’ve tried writing this post three times already. I spent the whole morning working on it, then most of the afternoon. At one point, it may have even reduced me to tears. And by “may have” I mean “definitely.” The problem is that I can’t be objective on this topic. I know what you’re…

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